On a long journey of human life, faith is the best of companions.


On a garden grill-party my mitral heart-valve had teared on 9-May-2009. The doctors gave 4 months for the „life-saving” operation but that would had been fatal as my lounge could not stand the anesthesia. I had to find alternative (non-medical) solution.

By a nice friend of mine (he passed his time to me) I got to Gyöngyös at Tímea Nóra Simon who is a spiritual healer. After some (not short) introducing my first „treatment” had done.

In the first times I went to her in every 4-5 days, and I felt the betterment continously and I strengthened this direction by myself. Three months later (on the second control exam) the ultrasound showed that my heart-valve works healthy and there was no mark of the tearing. Since that sometimes I go to Tímea I have friendly relation with already. I go as a lot to help and repair above 60.

Her abilities, energy and helpfulness helped me very much! Thanks a lot!