The true love does not speak, it praised by act not words

William Shakespeare


STN New Year's Eve 2023



There are several people living at their place. Some of them are known by us, some are less known, they are coming towards us in the street or never get into sight before us in a lifetime. But there is a person who has to be known anyhow, we have to look at Her eyes at least once in this Life, who is holding Her hand on the spiritual pulse of our Existence:

Simon Tímea Nóra, White Magister, Graduate Master of Spiritual Healing

Tímea has made a unique Spiritual Creative Workshop in Gyöngyös in November of 2009. She established it to be a kind of forum for Her patients and the interested people, besides Her spiritual, healing work and treatment, with free discussion during a pleasant night, once in a month.

Healing references

I contacted with the Healer because of my high blood-sugar level. The medical treatment by pills could not reduce that under 10 mm-mol. A friend of mine offered that possibility (Tímea). After the first six treatment (three months) my result was between 6 and 7

I know Tímea through my Pair. I go to her not for a long while so I can not report big improvement at healing. I did not feel ill too much so I looked for not the healing but I wanted to find solutions to

I divorced after 22 years of marriage. I touched bottom indeed.

Before the divorce I used to take pills yet on headache daily – I could not leave home without my medicine bag. I was tormented by headaches, suffered from depression, my joints ached, the hopelessness o