The prohibition creates.

About Present

What does a present mean for the „modern” Man?

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When the God created the World He measured the lifetime of every being. The animals lined up before Him, the horse was in front, and the God tells him:
- Horse, You will live for forty years!

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Easter thoughts

I have three topics getting into my mind about Easter:

  • resurrection (Jesus)
  • redemption (sins)
  • rebirth (nature)

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„Do not bend over in front of the fate, but because it wants to. You have purpose and who knows the aim, dare to possess the tracking methods and means. If you became weak yet before reaching the aim, turn in your heart for advice. A small delay does not hurt: what arises soon, it fades away soon. There is no better companion like strong heart, which helps you through the troubles in the right moment. Live by the law of heart! Whose aim is a good life - its means is the humanity.”

(Tatios: The law of heart)

Tatios from Hios, Greek philosopher
[Hios, 368 BC- Hios, 289 BC]

Surely it was happened to everyone that there was no clue why began aching the head, the waist, why stitched through here and there, well, it's all negative attacks from the outside, from others. Of course you can put it down to the front, weather and other things, but the causes are much more specific and obvious.

Some of the things listed below, which may be useful to us in everyday life and provide Protection just in connection told above. If we observe these, our Life will be better for sure, and the things around us will change in the right direction. These tasks are not so big and not hard to be done, and besides the Healing pushes our Lives into Positive direction.

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