The prohibition creates.

I met Tímea in December of 2010. I had medical treatment to manic depression, panic, different phobias, migraine for 20 years and 3 x 2 pills of Cataflam and Algopiryn was not enough for me. I had slipped spinal discs, sciatica, scoliosis, calcification, abruption - „All the problems a spine can have”- the physiotherapist said.

I could not walk already in the beginning of December. I had to face a difficult operation. After the first treatment (end of December) the inner tension eased and I could walk without any pain. I could wear high-heel boots in the middle of January. That was so wonderful to feel to be woman again! My life has changed in a positive way. I told Tímea that I felt urge to work, study, feel useful. I started to work for a company in May. I feel great! I am healthy and happy. I do/say true and straight things. I live with love, forgiveness and humility, without lies and fake.

This way there is God's bless on my life. Thanks for Tímea Nóra Simon too!