The one who hears you hears me.
The one who rejects you rejects me,
And the one who rejects me rejects him,
who sent me.

Lukács Evangéiuma 10,16

My story is simple, anyone can hear almost daily such one but none can not imagine until that happens to him. When I was 47 (in 2006) the doctors found second type diabetes at me in turn I had no risk factors (overweight, high colesterine level).

I got exasperated because I always liked to live my life on healthy way and the illness found me after all. The medicine certainly could give ordinary answers to the problems of the ordinary man. After one week spent on a clinic they could set a 22 degrees sugar-level that equals 4 times insulin injection daily life long. I became low as I could not accept the fact. I started to read and search for a possibility eases the illness. I could see that I had to change my life radically to reach better result but I can not find the receipt of that. I tried to take HRI Vitalin and other American drugs which worked but the breakthrough did not come.

My story reversed then to an extraordinary end. One of my relatives spoke to me about his healing by Tímea Nóra Simon. First I miscredited about the therapy which determined my life later. That is a fact that was not easy, I needed months to get to Tímea Nóra Simon and to connect to the life of the workshop led by her.

My state got much better under her treatments based on spiritual programming. About the rate of improving I got authentic information from a fully comprehensive blood test what showed no pathological defect in my body and my blood-sugar level (5,4 mmol/l) was in agreement with a healthy adult man's – without the therapy and insulin suggested by the doctors. Now I am a man of full value who thanks for the blessed work of my spiritual healer and the workshop.

I specially thank her to show me the receipt that made me able to beat the life-long discomfort of diabetes at age of 52 and I could turn to the saving my health. Of course I go to treatments continously as not only symptomatic treatment of an given problem happens there but a complex recovery and health promotion of the person.

My best regards and thanks to Tímea for her successes up to now.