An Adult faith does not follow the waves of fashion
and the latest novelties.

(Pope Benedict XVI.)

I met Tímea Nóra Simon by one of my relatives. She practices spiritual healing piqued my interest very much. My general state was very weak then, I had sleeping-problems and permanent neural tensions. I had a big credit and I stood at the edge of the breakdown financially. The quality and quantity of my sleep got much more better after a few treatments. My neural state got stable, still, balanced. My financial state got stable too, I paid back my big credit, I started to develop. I left behind my relationship worked bad for 11 years. I start a new life now. Seeing my positive change the other members of my family started to go to Tímea. Everyone feel that his life changed, turned to positiv. My doughter had permanent leg- and stomach-pains and head-ache too. The doctors could not find any concrete reason to that after many neurological/ophtalmic/orthopedic examinations. These problems fully disappeared after the treatments by Tímea.

My son's nearly hyperactive and hissy nature made our life hard.

He was ill quite often as he had asthmatic breathing problems and pharyngitis/otitis. Now he is balanced child and did not miss any lessons in the last year. My relationship with my children became harmonious and we got nearer to each other.

Thanks for our healings!