An Adult faith does not follow the waves of fashion
and the latest novelties.

(Pope Benedict XVI.)

Some fragment of my life in a few sentence: in the May of 2008 the then partner of my life and the father of my 1 year old baby after 11 years spent together decided to leave us. He fell in love in the course of his travels with a girl from Thailand. I think that I should not gloss what I came through then. I felt that my life was in ruins and was left no legs to stand on. I can not remember the summer because I lived my life as a zombie.

My mother and a step-grandma attended to my little son. I have to confess that I blamed her for the tearing very much and that caused me some remorse. I was really confused and the main point was for me to be a family again. I was in despair and I called our relatives continously to help me and to bring to reason the father of my son. The time seemed to be slow, every minute was an hour. In the morning I wished to be the night to sleep again. The world was escape from the shame and the loneliness.

Then I met Tímea Nóra Simon. She was suggested to me. Since then I keep going to her. Why? Since I met her some incomprehensible peace and touch of the angels flows from her. I am really tuned to her healing, understanding and help. I trusted her and I still do that. First I felt that my healing was slow and I felt strong myself when I visited her and during an 1-2 days period – then I cried and doubted, etc.. When I was low very much she sent the help in SMS.

On the next years summer I felt stronger and I got a job. I worked for that company (we built up from zero) for two years. I decided how much money to make and I made as much. To that I needed the healings of course. The world started to open... I graduated an on-line marketing school and I was interested in a lot of things as I wanted to make up for the missed possibilities of my life.

They gave someone beside me. I thought that was love but I had to realise fast that was not.

I studied a lot professionally from that partnership and most importantly I studied patience, release and I revaluated the things. Things that were in assiociation with the father of my son hurted me still. I complained about I did not have men around me... Tímea smiled and said that they were there... and I realised that I got the marks, compliments continously and I could choose from many of the applicants. This way love found me. I am happy and I go my way wiser and more rational – I studied from my faults. I have got such a man who I have imagined and loved to have. The ideal partner came into my life. My „ex” does not interests me at all. He do not supports me by money because I have a new partnership. All I can feel about him is pity – that man is a joke. I have found myself absolutely. I am who I was before him - me. I live my own life.

Tímea is a great healer. She rescued me from a gland-operation I am very thankful for. The doctors did not understand how could my test be negative after three putrid sore throats. Before that she saved my life by forewarning me to have breakfast daily not to collapse my circulation. She was right as since two months I felt bad and dizzy, had migraine... I worked a lot and did not pay attention to that. Tímea said that I got the help in the zero hour. Now – thanks – I am OK, I have to take care to my financial life only.

I got the sign already what I have to work and I got signs from my angels in the form of a tip, a job offer, a picture sometimes.

And the most important one is my son we love each other with. I organize programs for us. I really regret that missed half of a year when I lived as a zombie. That is irreplaceable. Tímea healed the relationship of my son and me. When I overcame the pain the love between mother and son came back. So I think no end of and offer Tímea for everybody who are open to the mediators between the two worlds.

I would like to complete my story with a few things. I fought a lot of health problems 37 years old already. My knees hurted often at breaks in the weather. Once I could only walk on them and I cried because of the pain. I complained that to Tímea and she healed me. Now I have no pain there and I feel better. When I knew Tímea better and started to believe bravely in her healing work and in the Helpers I got there to tell her that I felt a bunch growing under my arm. I was afraid of that could be a malignant tumour. Tímea assured me there was no problem and the bunch disappeared after the first healing treatment. As I believed more and more in the help of the powers above and in the healing by Tímea my problems (haemorrhoids, gingivitis, leg-torpidity, backache) passed away. I believe in the power of healing and my life turning better, helps of my helpers also. I can rely on them, they listen and help but just as I do not cause any demage to anyone by my ask controlled by love and good intentions. I got help to adapt my son to the kindergarten and to his afternoon sleep there and to my work to make contracts, to my exams in the school. My helpers send me messages in the hard times as I get thoughts and impulses to get me through and show the right way. Since I go to Tímea I observe the signs. If we go on our way with open heart we get the desired things but we have to listen to the signs our work helped by. I know that there are difficulties and barriers but fight them makes our personality stronger. Thanks for the possibility to write the facts! I wish you all a lightful day!