An Adult faith does not follow the waves of fashion
and the latest novelties.

(Pope Benedict XVI.)

My marriage got into a deep crisis after 17 years. Understandably that subverted my life, my view of the world got ruined, everything that meaned my life before got confused. I surely felt that the change was unavoidable, but terrible suffering and endless agony led on the process.

That may sound a tall story to everyone (especially who had not such crisis) but I really was on the verge of neural and psychical collapse. That happened on the winter of 2011 and that time I heard news about Tímea Nóra Simon and her healing works. I started to visit Tímea in January of 2011. My psychical sufferings and the social objects of my life clarified and eased up step by step. Tímea held my hands and helped me on the way.

I closed that period of my life without critical damages, I could sell our house fast and I found the flat of my dreams – right there and suchlike I wanted. The family behaved the changes relatively good and friendly, understandably. I have not reached the end of the road but I took the biggest steps and I can say absolute surely that if I had not changed my life with the help of Tímea I would have gone to doctors or somewhere else to treat my somatic symptoms only. The reasons would stay and make sick the other participants of the story. As regard the healing from concrete illnes my allergy totally disappeared. In the past years I could exist only by strong pills when the spring arrived but this year that not happened. As we all know our emotional and social life are basic factors of our health. At regularizing them I have great help from Tímea – I would like to thank that to her hereby too!