On a long journey of human life, faith is the best of companions.


I met Tímea Nóra Simon first time in the December of 2009. She started to treat my mother but meantime she had to go to an hospital so I went to the treatment. Since then Tímea heals me.

Unfortunately the year 2010 began bad – my husband had got a heart-attack on the new year's day and we were really frightened but by the help of Tímea I took that without fear and crying. My children wondered very much how could I resist the torture as well - that was not typical from me. Before I met Tímea I was stressful and took all things hard. My husband recovered then but an other tragedy happened: I lost my mother. That was really hard but Tímea helped me to process that easier.

Two years before we had a tragedy as my elder son's bride died in gastric cancer during 4 months. That period and a few months more were terrible, full of crying and fear, I recovered very hard. Then I went to Budapest to nerv-impulse therapy footmassage for one and a half year but I could not take stress well. To go there was very expensive and I spent a lot of time on bus but that is the past. Very good to have Tímea here in Gyöngyös for us. Now I am very loose and I take things easy already, my life is in harmony. Thanks for that!

I thought that my elder son collapses when his tragedy happened but he could get about again. He has got large fellowship and his friends all stood to him. After two years he began to go to Tímea to heal and his recovery was spectacular. He met girls again and that was not easy. While he found the girl he wanted and they married this year. They love each other and we glad to see that our child is happy again.

My younger son was full of stress because he lost his job. That was the time I started to go to Tímea and I spoke to her about my problems at home. She gave appointments to him. He got a job shortly but he did not like that.

Later he found an other one he likes more – that is an enterprise he is quite successful in and he can take the stress easier too.

After his heart-attack my husband went to Tímea too. The doctors said a few month later that his state is stable after the vein-expanding.

Tímea heals our whole family and we are very thankful for everything happens good in our environment.