An Adult faith does not follow the waves of fashion
and the latest novelties.

(Pope Benedict XVI.)

I am very beholden to the Heavenlies as I am lucky to partake in healing by Tímea Nóra Simon. My life was fallen apart when I met her. I carried the weight of divorcing, division of property, harassment, moving, stringency. I worked hard but the psychical trauma started to consume my body. I had cough and I could not sleep, my back hurted very much, my state seemed hopeless to me, I was not strong enough to start again.

The angelic help came then... Tímea gave a hand. Right after the first treatment I felt stronger, more self-confidence – I did not know how the method worked but I felt that it was good to me.

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Nowadays we stop only when our body indicates that there is a problem. I did not even think that the body does not work harmoniously without spiritual/psychical health until I met the method Tímea Nóra Simon uses to treat. I did not feel healthy enough after my coronary operation.

I got to the treatments by „human control” took my fate important. I started to feel positive change in my everydays after a long series of treatments by Tímea. My energy, temper, view of life enhanced in. Not even my health but my private life became ordered. Thanks for the Heavenly/Angelic help to this!

My story starts as when I was about 25 years old and went home from work the ground tilted under my feet in the metro-station – I felt dizzy and near to collapsing. I went back but I got frightened. I stood back against the wall and waited the metro still. The feeling went as fast as it came.

The time went by (few years) the relationship I had that time was over and other relations came and went and then came the REAL, the great one. Few years after we got married and later two beautiful children. The sicknesses came forward again more often. Then I went to doctors and I had examinations like skull CT, MR, blood-test, EEG, EKG, neck RTG, neck ultrasound, ear-exam, etc..

All of them showed that I was totally healthy of course.

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I came to know Tímea 3 years ago by one of my friends. Then I had no physical but psychical problems. I had doubts when I went to Tímea first but after that I decided to go usually as I need that positive Power if I had problem or not. That first treatment was startling – fancy physical and visual things happened, and after the treatment many positive thing happened to me and happens endlessly.

A few facts from the past years: I desired a 4 grade diploma and I got that – against that I performed not too well but I asked Tímea to send helpers to my exam. Before some important business meetings I asked her for helpers too and I closed those meetings successfully against all previous odds. I had to take pain-killer pills called Cataflam because of my toothache but that disappeared after single treatment and did not ever come back.

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I went to Tímea Nóra Simon when I was like a time-bomb and a „his own enemy” person also. I could not calm myself down nor others could. The blame lied with me too as I take upon myself the problems of people and I have a job where they always shares their troubles with me. So I took them besides my problems.

My nervous system nearly gave it up. I had high blood-pressure, migraine, and I felt a constant pressure wanted to blow me away.

That affected bad my family life too. As I wrote above I fight migraine for 7 years means that on those days I was not able to work at all.

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We were physically and psychically worn out very much when our son Bálint (was 2,5 years old then) had asthmatic attacks and we had fears for his life every night.

I was treated by Tímea Nóra Simon that time because of my gynecological problem started after my first doughter's death in 1990. I asked her to give a time to my son too. Tímea told me that a single treatment was not enough but that was a fact that we had not to wake any night after Bálint's healing. My husband's problems bettered a lot after a few treatments. My gynecological problems I had for 20 years had resolved after about 15 treatments. I take as a miracle how good I could performe in June when I had many exams on the university in one day.

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I live in Gyöngyös with my wife and our 4 children. I heard about Tímea Nóra Simon from my wife who was treated by Tímea that time. I fought problems as nerval tension (caused by stress), unrest, temper break-outs, reduced concentration, hesitation. I had no organic illness. I did not try to find effective solution to these problems.

We talk in the start of treatments about my experiences, Tímea cheks my energy-level out. I feel very well during the times and my third eye is really active. I often feel torpidity in the end of healing. Tímea made cleaning at a lot of my organs/organ-systems and made the quality of my human relations better.

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On a garden grill-party my mitral heart-valve had teared on 9-May-2009. The doctors gave 4 months for the „life-saving” operation but that would had been fatal as my lounge could not stand the anesthesia. I had to find alternative (non-medical) solution.

By a nice friend of mine (he passed his time to me) I got to Gyöngyös at Tímea Nóra Simon who is a spiritual healer. After some (not short) introducing my first „treatment” had done.

In the first times I went to her in every 4-5 days, and I felt the betterment continously and I strengthened this direction by myself.

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I observed first after the birth of my first baby that is important what and when I eat. I had typical symptoms (nausea, diarrhea, headache, distention) when I ate greasy and/or spicy foods or sugared dairy product even. The doctors did not find any serious defect but came to light that my gall is weak and they suggested not to eat the above mentioned foods. The front-sensitivity made my life hard since I was twenty years old. Cold or warm weather, rain or wind came – that was all the same. Strong headache, tiredness, irritability marked me then. I could not wait to ease in a silent corner besides of three children...

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I would like to tell everyone the story of my healing and wonders (and a new life compairs to nothing) I got by Tímea. My colleagues told me subsequently that 6 years ago they started to collect money for my wreath. You can imagine what a state I had.

I had no strength to walk but from doctors to doctors, from hospital to hospital even. My daily dose of pills, sedatives and injections was tremendous, I slept 2-3 hours a day. I gazed the ceiling above me in constant stupor – I spent my days this way in hard pains and slowly.

To resolve my aching back the doctors suggested a spine operation using 4 fixing screws. You must know that I did not have any cartilage in my spine but more calcification.

Laying down and getting up were all the movements for me with such pain as someone stinging a knife into my back. I could not make move my right shoulder/arm, I could not take a bag or eat a soup because of the continous tremor of my hand.

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I can thank a lot to Tímea Nóra Simon. I went by a pair of crutches to Budapest (National Healthcenter orthopedics) for two years - daily first then in every two days. I had few operations then. The MR examination showed that I had bone-caries and my knees were full of cysts. The doctor explained me what could stop the caries.

I broke down then and asked him for 3 weeks of cooling-off. I knew that I did not want to get to wheelchair. I knew M.L. and I called him crying. When I get home he had spoken with Tímea already and asked me that I wanted to try that healing method. I answered „yes” and I went to the treatment next day. I got treatments for three weeks and the development was observed soon.

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My first meeting with Tímea Nóra Simon was strange. Now I know that I went to her not to the best of my belief but under pressure. My problem was not tragical – my right arm was only numb first then I could not hold anything and finally screamed at night because of the pain (felt someone wanted to break it away).

I went to the doctor who examined me and diagnosed that I had not any organic problem but the stress…, I should rest a lot… - thanks!

I went to natural, chiropractor but the thing had worsened. A close friend of my suggested to fix a time to Tímea. I went to her and I waited for the miracle. Tímea was snapping her fingers and said that the things had slipped from my hands. I knew that too… - thanks again!

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