The true love does not speak, it praised by act not words

William Shakespeare

Tímea Nóra Simon
Graduate Spiritual Healing Master
White Magister

Stories of healing



Gyöngyös, 12th October, 2011.

To the memory of my Father -

with love!


(17th January 1948 – 27th November 2005)

The earthling is created as a system as anything else on this Earth – consists of the body/spirit/soul taxonomy. We are an unit with triplex articulation this way. There are special healers and healing methods for every part of us. The body-doctor (the healer handling natural things) can help you in co-ordinating the body. On the level of the soul the soul-healer and on the field of the spirit the healer is the necessary one. These fields of us have their own order in this world. If you know it or not. If you believe in it or not. The organism can get energy not only from food and air, but from energy of the Universe transported to the organs. The healing by Tímea Nóra Simon Graduate Spiritual Healing Master and White Magister - by an incomparable technique (rooted in ancient funds) in this world - made as removing the blocks from the way of the energy and regenerating the demaged field.

Healing of the spirit body is intangible for everyday people. So the lines of healed and that way contented persons are the best references. In the past years a lot of feedbacks were received – a part of them will be published here (right after the list of cosmic works). The original letters (with names and contacts) can be found at Tímea Nóra Simon. In some cases the reference is shortened.

Cosmic goals and objectives

  • Creating and preserving world peace;
  • Saving and rescuing Planet Earth.

Worldly cosmic works (for example)

1.) Rescuing Chilean miners in 2010

Thirty-three miners were rescued from about 700 meters depth from a copper/gold mine near to Copiapo in the Atacama desert, Chile. The miners on 5th August stuck in there after an collapse. Nobody knew their lot at all but 17 days later turned out that they were alive. The miners spent 68 days in the depth. Nobody never stood alive as long after such mine-accidents before them.

2.) Antarctica, global warming in 2010

The glacial-interglacial flucuations affect the continental parts of our planet but more seriously the Antarctica. The present climate system on the earth is still in the state specific for the ice-ages..

I supported these works because of requests and both of them developed well blessed. The Chilean miners much earlier got back to the surface than that was forethought, and the process of global warming came to a halt.


That would be possible to give more references and I thank you for writing about your experiences hereafter – helping the others too. That is really important for you (who come to me) to understand and tell everyone that in our times we can feel and sense the flow of energy. Look: as love works the malice works that way too. These energies can produce congestions and other demages in the spirit-body by leaving imprints and making blocking elements which have affect for the flow of energy.

As in our triplex unit all parts are connected to each other with continous energy flow - the energy always pushes oneself forward.

Modified, harmful energies can step into the soul- and physical body this way - got through the border the spiritual plane. Possibly we feel bad because of these things sometimes. Everybody comes to the Earth to clean, to get the essence, to process. That can not happen all the times. Why not? Because „the bad energies inside” can affect and control over us as hard that the problems do not leave us but we get inside of them, and we can often feel like run in a tread-wheel. „My life is stuck” means this thing in commonplace (language) usage. To escape and get out from this circle we will be able to PROCEED by rescuing our spirit from demageful elements. As well as if our body shows illnesses or symptoms those might end by cutting out their roots. So healing the spirit-body is to heal and regenerate the body on the spirit's plane. That is I do when you come to me and that happens with the permission and help of the heavenly Father during your healing.

Not to remove the „demageful energies” has such effect for our daily life as we can experience blocking effects in life-areas - has effect for the soul-body that way processing and unleashing of a problem could not happen. Has effect for the physical body too as that possibly shows concrete organic symptoms and syndromes. However by all such „bad energy” removing all of the bodies (physical/soul/spirit) liberate and relieve. By the help of this method we will be able to empathize that OUR LIFE STARTS AGAIN AND WE PROCESS AND HEAL EASILY.

I hope that this short description and the references could give deeper insight to all who would like to step to the conscious way of advance in this life!

I wait you to treatments and to the meetings of the Simon Tímea Nóra Spiritual Workshop where we do collective cosmic work and we talk about important topics from the Spiritual Laws.

I am awating for those who would like to step and walk onto the Way of the Valid and True Light and hereby would like to be healed.

Gyöngyös, 12-October-2011

Simon Tímea Nóra
Graduate Spiritual Healing Master
White Magister