The greatness of a nation can be judged
by the way its animals are treated.

Mahatma Gandhi

My story starts as when I was about 25 years old and went home from work the ground tilted under my feet in the metro-station – I felt dizzy and near to collapsing. I went back but I got frightened. I stood back against the wall and waited the metro still. The feeling went as fast as it came.

The time went by (few years) the relationship I had that time was over and other relations came and went and then came the REAL, the great one. Few years after we got married and later two beautiful children. The sicknesses came forward again more often. Then I went to doctors and I had examinations like skull CT, MR, blood-test, EEG, EKG, neck RTG, neck ultrasound, ear-exam, etc..

All of them showed that I was totally healthy of course.

The most useful conclusion was that perhaps my blood-sugar level drops that times ank causes sickness. Since that I took always glucose tablet or menthol-sugar pill with me. When I felt the sick to come I took one or two pills. Later turned out that was useful because I believed in that.

I became fat because of that lot of sugar but the sicknesses did not disappeared even I was not able to leave home when I was 33 years old. When I had to go I had to clamber hard to the fence. I got diagnoses like panic illness, agoraphobia, GAD, neck spine calcification, etc.. A really nice east-european healer woman said that the state of the veins supporting blood to the brain caused the symptoms. I went to her many times but she could not tell how many more treatments I need. I felt better initially but the change was slow and I was out of the money needed. I had alternatives of course as I used movement-therapy, meditation techniques with a special neck trainig.

After a half year I felt that everything was allright. During that time I forbore conflicts and that kind of places sickness came upon me earlier. I had not the leader role in my family but I was unnoticed by my decision. I did not take part in a lot of great programs, the years passed me by, I just vegetated. My enterprise developed well meanwhile – I had more client, higher standard of living. Everything was good in appearance but I felt inside that was not.

I felt my marriage harmonious, my children were hissy sometimes, my wife had critic but we could discuss our problems and ensured each other of endless love. That was the state until a morning in the spring when I was about 38 years old and I woke to a dizziness-attack – the room went round, I did not know where I am, I climbed to the bed waiting what coming.

Every movement made my state worse and waking up was an utopian thought. The physican in attendance said that my blood-pressure went up. I had pills fast to reduce that but I got well the next day only. Next time (half year later) the ambulance came out but they were unwilling to take me to the hospital but I got pills again. Then weekly and later daily I had blood-pressure attacks with dizziness and feeling collapse.

Another examination series started then and I got strong blood-pressure reducing pills caused endless drowsiness. After that a natural healer diagnosed Candida-infection at me and ordered a diet I nearly died of. The benefit of that was loosing some weight but my symptoms remained. As the suspect of panic-illness presented too I went to a psychologist first and to a psychiatrist then. After some talking they ordered tranquilizer besides the blood-pressure reducers. I got acupuncture series also and I did my trainings completed by hand-mudras. I went to kinesiologist too.

All of these did not bring any betterment, the sicknesses came regularly so I started to close in and I pointed a deadline date to leave this world if my state had not bettered. Before that date I met Tímea fortunately and she started to treat me. I felt first time already that tremendous energies moved around me. I felt like leaving the dentist – torpid but admittedly changed. We met and talk regularly and Tímea healed me unbroken. There were some times I did not know how I got home but Tímea simply smiled then I told that her.

First I wondered why we spoke about things seemed not too important in my life but I recognised later that everything is in connection with all. I had to change my life physically but my thoughts first.

I had to decide what to hold and what to leave. Tímea helped me in that by healing and outcroping/clearing old (childhood) wounds poisoned continously my mind and body.

We succeed in dissolving my fears of people I never thought I had so when they disappeared I felt such amazing effect they had. I had to recognise that my marriage (against that I felt that sure and harmonious) was one of the causing factor of my state. I got enough power and self-confidence to change my life. I started on a new way and I continously form the things around me and myself of course. Now I live in a happy relationship far from my life before. I feel calm, self-confidence and harmonious.

I like my life. I have to thank for all of these things to Tímea as I was not able to make these changes in my life without her help. THANKS!