If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.

Máté Evangéliuma 21,22

I went to Tímea Nóra Simon when I was like a time-bomb and a „his own enemy” person also. I could not calm myself down nor others could. The blame lied with me too as I take upon myself the problems of people and I have a job where they always shares their troubles with me. So I took them besides my problems.

My nervous system nearly gave it up. I had high blood-pressure, migraine, and I felt a constant pressure wanted to blow me away.

That affected bad my family life too. As I wrote above I fight migraine for 7 years means that on those days I was not able to work at all.

I go to Tímea for about a year and my migraine disappeared after the first two months of healing and we minimalized the dose of medicines I had to take against high blood-pressure.

I know that I have to change a lot spiritually/humanly but I feel that I am on the right way. I recognised that I was not always right when I approved/noded (to sidestep conflicts) but when I declared my real opinion and thoughts - as anyone loves me will love me this way too! The treatments at Tímea are very important for me as the more my spirit heals the more my body heal sooner or later.

Thank you Tímea!