...energy is only borrowed, and one day you have to give it back...


I would like to tell everyone the story of my healing and wonders (and a new life compairs to nothing) I got by Tímea. My colleagues told me subsequently that 6 years ago they started to collect money for my wreath. You can imagine what a state I had.

I had no strength to walk but from doctors to doctors, from hospital to hospital even. My daily dose of pills, sedatives and injections was tremendous, I slept 2-3 hours a day. I gazed the ceiling above me in constant stupor – I spent my days this way in hard pains and slowly.

To resolve my aching back the doctors suggested a spine operation using 4 fixing screws. You must know that I did not have any cartilage in my spine but more calcification.

Laying down and getting up were all the movements for me with such pain as someone stinging a knife into my back. I could not make move my right shoulder/arm, I could not take a bag or eat a soup because of the continous tremor of my hand.

About the healing of my arm: I took a lot of painkiller pills for the night at 23h as I knew that from 2 a.m. my pains were intolerable until 4 a.m. - that way I could sleep some. I bruised myself and wanted to sting a knife into the aching part sometimes... then I went to doctor again.

I said of fright to the doctor wanted lift my arm in the hospital that „do not even think of it”! I got 3 injections helped for a half of the day. Next day I went to Tímea Nóra Simon. The healer asked me to take my finger to the aching point and tell her how much percent was the healing. My arm do not ache since that day. My right leg had similar state. The fact is that effect of the treatments it is painless already in spite of calcifications. Thanks Tímea and the Good Lord for that!

I asked Tímea in SMS to help me many times and she always did. I got protection too. Saved me many times, a lot of problems had resolved by her help. High blood-pressure (170-180) was one of my main problems returned to normal during the treatments too.

Little thing but very good – my hands and legs are not cold now. My asthma and allergy disappeared but I had to use pipe for 3 years. Heart-attack found me few times but could not take me because of the protection. I recovered and my kidney stones do not disturbe me even. A lot of wonders happened to me and to my environment too since I go to Tímea. I give thanks to the Good Lord and to Tímea.

My energy is incredible and I speak gladly with others about these things. I can be authentic for them as they saw me years ago and now, and they can see how much I can do at work.