Yes, I am the vine and you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

(John 15:5)

I divorced after 22 years of marriage. I touched bottom indeed.

Before the divorce I used to take pills yet on headache daily – I could not leave home without my medicine bag. I was tormented by headaches, suffered from depression, my joints ached, the hopelessness overcame on me. I was afraid of going out to the street because of my crying-seizures. I went to doctors one after the other. One of them said I was front-sensitive, other one said that my eyes inflicted the headache. The eye-specialist said that my eyes had no problems in his opinion. Did I succeed the usual migrain headache from my parents maybe? I took different and more stronger pills because my body acclimated to them. Later they were useless. I had more and more physical pain in my legs, shoulders, neck and waist. I put them all down as I had to live my life this way. Few years after the divorce I had a new partnership. My illnesses did not leave me, the pills helped me to survive. One of my friends who knew my problems offered Tímea Nóra Simon to me. I went to her as one who clings to a straw. Tímea explained me that „all the reasons of all diseases are in the soul”. If your soul confused, you will meet that as pain in your body. After three or four treatments I felt much better. I became serene and had not take as much pills. My partner had shortness of breath one night. Next time (few weeks later) he got this sickness while he was taking a shower. I sent him to a checkup. Turned out that he had problems with his heart, had high blood-pressure, suspectly diabetes too. Later he had a heart surgery and took a lot of pills daily. As I used to go to Tímea for some time past I tried to gain him over to check in to her. After some long wrangling he did because he saw the development of me on the field of thinking and losing physical pains.

Our relationship broke since then but he is still thankful as he survived and recovered from his illness. Now he manages the treatments to his father suffering from cancer. In the meanwhile I had problems with my overworking thyroid gland and I was tormented by a gynecological illness. I took different pills to that but they did not work at all. Tímea helped me in that too! My illnesses passed without any pharmacies! Now I can say that I am free from pills! I can say that who took some kind of pills every given day. I got a lot of energy from the talkings with Tímea – my way of thinking totally changed. I think twice all I say or do. That was really hard at first but I am accomplished more and more. I discovered that when I was 45. Better later than never! One morning I could hardly get out of bed. My waist set in as I could not straighten but the bigger problem was the strong pain at every movement. I walked in the house as a question mark. That happened before Christmas when always a lot to do. I asked Tímea to help me and she did that magnanimously. Right during the treatment I felt the positive change and two or three days later I could forget the pain and the illness. There is harmony in my soul, I have no pains! I got out all of my illnesses, I do not take pills, I feel good with other people, my life has transvalued. My friends left me but I got new ones – better than my ex-friends. I should thank these to the change of the way I think and to Tímea predominantly. I got to that is enough to ask her to help me mentally if I had pain and the pain disappears. That way is good enough at little problems. For fast help I write a SMS to her and she sends. I am very beholden to her in these cases too! To solve bigger problems I need personal help so I visit her sometimes for treatments. Sometimes I trip up on my way up. She helps me in and I go again - I can handle the difficulties better. I am very thankful for this option (and to know such a great Human as Tímea Nóra Simon) to my fate! Without her I can not reach that state I have now.