Who and which appeals you, you appeal it also.

About Present

What does a present mean for the „modern” Man?
A new cell phone? A new car? A new house? Or a useless umpteen dinnerware? Where are those things that are non material, intangible and meaning more from all expensive treasure? It seems that the way leading to this is forgotten long time ago by people. For example when a serious illness coming we begin to pray and ask help for God immediately, but where was He from our Life and why did not talk to Him more and live by His laws? But it appears very easy to insulting, throwing, cursing His name. If there is some trouble everybody saying ”Oh my God”. You can not hear like „Oh my Marx’’, „Oh my new beautyful car”, „Oh my fifth degree”... Some things should never be forgotten, that there are around us and for us. Like the air. Natural that we receive it on daily basis, the breathing like an automatic and non controlled activity fades into our everydays entirely unperceived. But when the air is dusty, filled with smog, injurious or even non exists, it will start to missing and we begin to struggling with both hands. Now here is a great Present in our Life, Who is trying to pass over the Treachings of Heavenly Father and the Right Attitude to Life, but we are not take it seriously, laugh at it, pass it over day by day, however She wins after all. There were healers, prophets throughout history, it is just enoguh to look up and turn a page from Bible and we can be sure that there will be, we just have to realize/recognize them and do not let pass this Present in our Life, especially we have opportunity. She can be reachable only a few blocks away, almost „coming to house”. She needs to be respected and taken seriously, not by us mortal men, but our Country, Homeland, even our World, the entire Globe. The mankind have to go back to the ancient commandments, like the elders did and then there will not be so such bad and evil thing on Earth. The Present must be earned and must be able to take, but this can be only with pure heart.

Present and Donater are joined Forever.

These thoughts are Simon Tímea Nóra’s Teachings, not a bedtime story but the Real Truth. Wake up people, the Healer is living amongst You! Going to Healing and visiting the Workshop are inseparable from each other and not an amusement. It is a Chance to an elevated, REAL Life!

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