If You have a vision of something, You are able to do it.

When the God created the World He measured the lifetime of every being. The animals lined up before Him, the horse was in front, and the God tells him:
- Horse, You will live for forty years!
- My Lord, it will be too much, please reduce the years, because then I will be only a skinny not a horse. I will not be able to race, just roaring, I will become unworthy!
The Lord reduced fifteen years. The donkey comes after, tells him:
- So boy, you live for fifty years!
The donkey was frightened, started to moani:
- My Lord, my Creator, do not give me so much time, because I am lazy too in my younger years. I always hit and beaten by everybody, do not let me beaten so long!
The Lord released fifteen years. The dog was next, The Creator said like this:
- You faithful animal, live for twenty-five years!
It was scared really:
- Lord, do not punish with such a long life! Beacuse if I am getting old, nobody will need me, I will not feel like to chase the rabbit, my teeth will fall out, I will not be able to chew the bone, my fur will be faded, my eyes will be bleared, I will be beaten anywhere I lay down, I will not feel like to bark either, just growl. Give me less, my Lord!
The Lord released ten years. Then the monkey was next:
- You jumpy-jumpy, live for fifty years!
The monkey also started that it will be so long, because everybody laughing at him during all life. So the Lord released ten years to do not laugh at him so long.

The next one was the man. He appeared quicky before Creator, like the volunteer sheperd before draftboard. The Creator look at him gently and said:
- Man, live for thirty years!
The man was shocked:
- How did you say my Lord? I can not understand…
- Man, live for thirty years!
- But my Lord, it is so little for me! Till then I will have children, who will raise them up?
The Lord said:
- Who feeds the birds of sky, clothes the flowers of the meadows, will not forget about your children too.
- But my Lord, I would like to raise them! – said the man.
- Thy will be done! – replied the Creator – you ask from me, raise them, the horse did not need the fifteen years, do you need?
- Certainly, my Lord! – replied the man.
- All right, live fourty-five years! – agreed the God.
- My Lord, that is little – said again the man - I raise them up and do not delectating in them?
- Here you are the donkey’s fifteen years, do you need? – asked the Lord.
- I need it absolutely! – said the man.
- Wel, live for sixty years!
- It is even little – indignanting the man – I will have grandchildren, I would like to make a whip for either, a little coach, baby-doll for another, give me more my Lord!
- All right then I will give you! – Lord said. – The dog did not need the ten years, how about you?
- It will be great my Lord! – answered the man.
- Let’s live seventy years! Do you need more? – asked the Lord.
- My Lord I would like to rest among my family!
- Let it be! Here you are the monkey’s ten years, live eighty years. Do you need more?
- My Lord, if you give me it is allright, if you do not, thy will be done – said the man finally.

And now look at the life. The man lives for self for thirty years. Man has got good mood, happy with life, stands the job. He has got children for thirty years age and he can realize that the children are growing, they need more and more clothes. Then get the horse’s harness. the hores’s ten years and working like a horse. But not working for him but for his children until the age of fourty-five. Then he said: I am getting tired but no matter I am going on, I still work. So he gets into his neck the donkey’s harness and working on for fifteen years. Altought slower yet like the horse becaouse he works the donkey’s fifteen years until the age of sixty. Then the dog’s ten years coming. His hair is going grey, his teef will fall out, his eyes will be bleared, he do not like anything, no one needs him because he is always angry, this is not good, that is not good. It is not that supposed to do, if he can work likfe before, so growls like an old dog. He is under the feet anywhere he sit and if the relatives do not say in his eyes but think: how long rattles here yet, came on, when will he die?! They are boring him like old dog, because he lives the dog’s life for the age of seventy years. He lives the monkey’s life from seventy to eighty years then. He laughed even by his own grandchildren: Grandpa, wipe your nose fine, Grandpa, pissed your trousers, etc., everyone lives his monkey life until the age of eighty.
Apart from the man lives from the grace of God really.

So how long is the Man’s life? Thirty years.

And this will happen for everyone mercyless who will reach the old age:

Though there are a few exceptions, but just the exception proves the rule.