An Adult faith does not follow the waves of fashion
and the latest novelties.

(Pope Benedict XVI.)

Movie recommendation: *** San Pietro ***

This movie presents the adventurous life of St. Peter, disciple of Jesus, starring Omar Sharif. The meaning of the name ’Peter’ is rock, doctor, healer, prophetic, it is not a coincidence that Jesus is founded His Church on Him.

„Feed my sheeps!”

The extraordinary story tells Peter apostie’s life from Jesus’ death, the most exciting period in the history of Christianity: the struggles of the early Christians, the persecutions of Christians and the spreading the teachings of Christ.

At the beginnning of the movie Peter is standing completely devastated under the cross of Christ. He can not understand how could it be happened, does not feel the Strenght inside to fulfill the task entrusted by Christ and keep together, lead the disciples and followers. In addition he has got a strong sense of guilt for denying his Master three times. The news of the miraculous resurrection comes three days later and he meets with Jesus, the beggar in the same day. This strenghtens in his Faith and duty: he has to fulfil the task imposed on him by the Master.
The story ends in Rome, where Peter organizes and brings together the early Christian communities during the bloody persecution of the roman emperor Nero.

I recommend this movie with Great Love:

Simon Tímea Nóra * White Magister, Graduate Master of Spiritual Healing