The true love does not speak, it praised by act not words

William Shakespeare

Surely it was happened to everyone that there was no clue why began aching the head, the waist, why stitched through here and there, well, it's all negative attacks from the outside, from others. Of course you can put it down to the front, weather and other things, but the causes are much more specific and obvious.

Some of the things listed below, which may be useful to us in everyday life and provide Protection just in connection told above. If we observe these, our Life will be better for sure, and the things around us will change in the right direction. These tasks are not so big and not hard to be done, and besides the Healing pushes our Lives into Positive direction.

  • Permanent positive thinking, watch out our thoughts, acts, everything is recorded at Above, at Celestial Father. Do not cry, but turn into the Light and elevate from common existence!
  • We receive the Tasks to be solved and done
  • The spoken words carrying weight, they have more force, so they have to be used to strenghten positive things, they have to be use to create existence for positive things
  • We have to ask forgiveness our sins, but we also have to change for this forgiveness, we have to do for it
  • When we start from Home we can ask for Protection as follows: „My Celestial Father I ask for Your Blessed Protection by the Healing Clean White Light. Keep the Unity of Body, Soul and Spirit in me. Do white protection aura around me that converts the incoming negative attacks into positive, life-giving energy. Please forgive my sins and I thank You for every present from You in Life.”
  • We have to give thank for everything, for every meal in every dining, for animals and plants became dead for our meal, we have to thank that they gave their Llife/Existence feeding us. We have to give thank that we can eat, drink, we have flat, workplace, that we go outside the street and there is Peace, that we have health, love, opportunities, money etc.
  • Try to reduce to minimal the connections to other people. Forebear the empty chitchat, rumour, the whispering, the endless conversations (also on phone!) because it makes energy loss (after 30 seconds!)
  • It is advisable to not whispering and not thinking bad about others, you must not scandalize or criticize anybody (for example the neighbours)
  • The etiquette must be kept, the politeness is important, we have to be respectful for everybody
  • We have to settle our uncertain, disputable cases, settle the depts, we should keep our promises
  • Avoid cursing and anger
  • That is no coincidence meeting everyone coming towards us, we have karmas with them and we have already met with them in our previous Life/Lives. Do not let them staring at us constantly. All people can throw negative/black net potentially in the street passing by us
  • We have to delete all the phone numbers of the unwanted people and who did harm to us before, do not carry them to everywhere
  • The unwanted, spam-like (please send this mail to x more people otherwise…, etc.) have to be erased, you should delete the not positive e-mails
  • Do not watch TV, news, negative programs, esoteric channels, do not read newspapers, they containing a lot of negative news and gossip
  • Do not search for esoteric topics on the Internet
  • You should not use minus signs (dash) in specification/listings
  • Destroy (break, part, cut) and throw out the objects from non positive people packing the parts wrapped in white, non patterned paper towel into several packages. Watch out and by-pass on foot or using any means of transportation without endangering others the shafts of sewage systems, because all of these are the upcoming places of negative forces
  • You should wash your hands and use hand disinfectant as much as you can. The negative energies are sticking on us every day and all of our Life like dust into man.
  • It is worth to have a bath/shower twice/three times a day just for the reason told above and as we move, sweat, the toxins build up on our skin and if we do not remove it, it can leak back into our body. Short-haired men and women possibly can rinse their hair daily
  • You can put white filter into drains, sinks, toilets and it is advisable to change it monthly. These are protecting against and filtering negative energies coming from below. You have to put a piece of white toilet paper into toilet before using for the reason shown above and for giving honor to the toilet because everything has got spirit even her too
  • It is advised to wear pantyliner with underwear for Ladies, girls, not just for the hard days. It is not advised to wear thong underwear, it has got negative energies, the traditional design more comfortable too
  • Walking in high-heeled shoes, boots, pointed footwear or clothing/dressing and acting provocatively is not recommended both men and women. The loud, flashy behavior attracts negative energy. It is unfortunate if we have got negative symbols on our clothes, skin, necklace, etc.
  • Avoid the red and black colours. Of course you can wear them sometimes, but you have to forbearance from them basically. Good colours are: white, blue, purple, the latter is specially spiritual
  • Ladies, people with big/long hair, you can wear the hair released if possible, to let flow the energy better.
  • Do not sit with crossed hands, legs also because the energy can not flow properly
  • Entering any place wipe our shoes and step over the door-step. Do not lean out of the window sill, because these are gateways.
  • Greet the Home Spirits, Angels, Home Elves arriving home, who protect our Home
  • Honor all living beings, animals, plants, because they feel, they have Life and we can reborn into fly for example.
  • Keep pets like the same way treating ourselves, respect them like a human being word for word, fulfill their requirements like ours (eating, sleeping, walking, game), for example do not keep a dog just barking fixed into a stick at home and that is all. The dog takes, feels his master’s diseases, problems, but a cat purrs it out. Keep animals/pets with responsibility and care only, fixing on chain, cutting the ears and tail, starving, keeping thirsty are prohibited.
  • Finish the hunting, fishing, angling, birding, capturing bugs or let us give a shotgun for the rabbit too
  • Honor every object, tool, because they have Spirit, they are for us, they serve us, so when some of them goes wrong, do not just throw out into the dustbin, but say thanks for the service done for us, for example remembering how good pencil was while we were writing with it, while it was working, etc.
  • Collect the trash selectively, do not throw our scrapings, but give it to stray dogs and cats, for animal shelters
  • Do not littering, protect and defend Mother of Earth, because She supports us and gives food. The Wind, the Sun, The Light, the Soil, the Rain are all energy sources, so contact them often, enjoy/feel them
  • Avoid of doubtful book.
  • You have to read the book Kurt Tepperwein: The spiritual laws, the Bible, the latter especially for the elders.
  • Tatiosz: The law of heart and the Hagakure are recommended to read
  • Keep the Ten Commandments
  • Avoid the seven deadly sins and the capital sins. Do not curse, do not refer the Celestial Father’s name unnecessarily
  • Do not fear anybody and anything. DO NOT FEAR!
  • The man have more things to do here than just being, eat, drink, sleep
  • We have to ask forgiveness for our sins
  • You must not condemn anybody
  • Obey Earth rules and laws
  • Who drinks alcohol do not drive a car, keep the speed limits and traffic rules
  • Obey the Celestial rules and laws
  • We have to do what is our Way
  • The Numbers are very important: Positive ones:
    1, 2, 3 (Trinity), 5 (being open-minded), 6 (resumption), 7, 8 (the number of Limitless), 9 (spiritual number), 10, 12, 14, 15, etc. Avoid of: 4 (number of Death), 11, 13. These are bad in any form, but honor them not to make them growing angry. In the case of the bigger and more complex numbers, the digits need to be added and the calculated result matters. For example: 3200=5 * good, 2902=13=4 * bad
    You have to calculate the same way in the case of dates of birth and the character numbers of names.
    The 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, etc. are Master numbers, they do not need to add!
  • It follows that house numbers, postcodes/zip codes, serial numbers, license plate numbers, all kinds of identification numbers’ (ID card, social insurance card, etc.) result values are important for sure
  • Do not make important decisions on bad dates if possible, do not give birthday and name-day parties on bad dates and if somebody’s name has got bad number of characters (for example 11) he/she have to get additional third name to parry it
  • You must not buy product from bad house number or buy from a store with bad address as well as avoid of shops with bad character number (4, 11). That is true for the manufacturer of the product, the manufacturer’s name, the product, but mostly the place/address of the manufacturing, house number, zip code counts, but the date of manufacturing and the date of expiration is also very important to be good!
  • Cross out the barcodes and row of numbers from every object, product keeping it from vibrating. You can peel it off but it needs to be crossed out too
  • Drinking or eating pomegranate or product containing pomegranate is highly not recommended
  • You must ask the Celestial Father, the Celestials and the Healer in the time of every shopping for helping us to make the best choice, buying the most suitable product for us
  • Avoid of point collector/membership/VIP cards, booklets, MLM systems, pilot games, fortune card tellers, oracles (on TV too!), they are all negative and representing negative systems
  • The promotional sale prices, rates are not certainly good, they just grab you in, traps, meaning bad conditioned, expired, resumed products, the product have been discounted fro some reason, avoid them. The high quality, durable goods is better worth it in longer term
  • Do not accept discounts because everything’s price has to be paid, everything has a cost
  • Avoid of wearing different sort of crystals, bracelets, jewelry, watches, cords. The jewelry can be made even of inheritance of a deceased person, they may have bad vibration, they should be checked
  • Buy jewelry only from that kind of shop where the shop not take in/not buy in jewelry from others, from heritage
  • Do not buy inheritance, objects, jewelry from consignment store, from pawnshop, do not accept objects from legacy, inheritance, especially within family
  • Stop the watches (alarm-clocks, standing ones, wristwatches) do not vibrate, the watch with black clock dials is particularly bad!
  • Forbear used stuffs, used, rummage sale clothes, heritage
  • Donate for good purposes, but the clothes need to be clean, not rumpled, dirtry, honor the donated person and place
  • Always donate into collectors, money boxes even a few hundred forints
  • You will have to pay for everything, do not buy the “fallen”, stolen, black product, only buy a product from pure source
  • Do not go into cemeteries, temples, shrines, castles, only cleaned places recommended by the Healer
  • Removing mirrors is recommended especially from bedrooms. Do not look into mirrors so often because they are gateways. If we ask for something, do not do it in the front of a mirror. Looking into mirror is especially dangerous between midnight and 3:00, very specifically not recommended at midnight!
  • Using services of healed people with cleaner energy is recommended
  • Use the advices and practices during the club and the healing regularly
  • The celestial energy has got price
  • You have to control and terminate the ego during healing and walking on the way of healing
  • When you go to the Healer put down everything, diploma, ego. Use ego only for survive.
  • The diploma represents only excellence of some science, but not superiority, not wisdom and not the life experience.
  • The Healer is all over the World, „the Healer is the Lord of Life and Death”
  • Do not regret the amount paid to the Healer
  • Send SMS or ask for Helpers only in serious case or in the case of emergency
  • The information, the common discussion made at Healer’s is a secret, gossiping, chitchatting is incorrect
  • The family members do not affect the person who acts to heal if they do not know the healing
  • Serious patients and their family members have to go healing several times a week
  • Do not secret where we healing, share it, we also received this possibility from somebody
  • If we can change something do it! These Teachings are for a lifetime! Do not doubt the word of the Healer!
  • Undertake the Healer and propagate Her Existence and Importance!

The lessons learned here are for Life and even beyond.

The work of the Healer is not a standard feature, when you go to the solarium or to the shoemaker. When you pay an amount for the Healing, it is not a payment for a “service” and in return the “customer” is dictating. The Healer determines that who and when have to go Healing, how and which way. She is Man too, so if She cancel a Healing date, it has got strong reason, so please do not query/do not be inquisitive.

I recommend for consideration and adaptation these Protections with Pure Heart:

* Simon Tímea Nóra *
White Magister, Graduate Master of Spiritual Healing