...energy is only borrowed, and one day you have to give it back...


I write about what happened to my sister, Mrs. K. L.. She got sick home and the ambulance revivified her then carried to the emergency room to the breathing machine. The doctors wanted to do a larynx intersection after 4-5 days. I visited her that day and her doughters both signed the informed consent already. A friend of mine (I found fast) offered Tímea.

My friend suggested me to send a SMS to Tímea as asking for fast help that way too. I did that and a day later by phone they said that my sister got better and she did not need the help of the breathing machine.

A few days later she got into the department of internal medicine, she got more and more better, then she left the hospital.

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I met Tímea Nóra Simon in a club (Tímea Nóra Simon Spiritual Workshop) there she explained her field of healing and that really impressed me. There were problems in my life then I could not solve alone. I had not spoken with my doughter for long years and I had quite cold relation with my mother. Walking was hard for me, my ankle- and knee-joints had inflammations.

So I fixed a time to Tímea. After few months my doughter suddenly visited me and we discussed our grievances. We spent the Christmas together in December. My relation with my mother got better, some nearer. My joint-problems disappeared, I can walk without any pain. My friends noticed the positive change at me and I suggested to them to heal by Tímea Nóra Simon.

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I met Tímea in December of 2010. I had medical treatment to manic depression, panic, different phobias, migraine for 20 years and 3 x 2 pills of Cataflam and Algopiryn was not enough for me. I had slipped spinal discs, sciatica, scoliosis, calcification, abruption - „All the problems a spine can have”- the physiotherapist said.

I could not walk already in the beginning of December. I had to face a difficult operation. After the first treatment (end of December) the inner tension eased and I could walk without any pain. I could wear high-heel boots in the middle of January. That was so wonderful to feel to be woman again! My life has changed in a positive way. I told Tímea that I felt urge to work, study, feel useful. I started to work for a company in May. I feel great! I am healthy and happy. I do/say true and straight things. I live with love, forgiveness and humility, without lies and fake.

This way there is God's bless on my life. Thanks for Tímea Nóra Simon too!

I am not the relative of the famous conductor but I would like to „conduct” too – everyone to Tímea to experience her healing. I have the possibility/chance to do that for two years.

Physically – my slipped spinal discs causes no numbness in my arms and legs. I move free and I do not get tired in my work.

Psychically – what a change!!! Ease, freedom, fulfillment! Those people who held me back are leaving me but many of lifts and helps contacts me.

Spiritually – I think of something... it comes, realises, fulfills!

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My story is simple, anyone can hear almost daily such one but none can not imagine until that happens to him. When I was 47 (in 2006) the doctors found second type diabetes at me in turn I had no risk factors (overweight, high colesterine level).

I got exasperated because I always liked to live my life on healthy way and the illness found me after all. The medicine certainly could give ordinary answers to the problems of the ordinary man. After one week spent on a clinic they could set a 22 degrees sugar-level that equals 4 times insulin injection daily life long. I became low as I could not accept the fact. I started to read and search for a possibility eases the illness. I could see that I had to change my life radically to reach better result but I can not find the receipt of that. I tried to take HRI Vitalin and other American drugs which worked but the breakthrough did not come.

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I met Tímea Nóra Simon by one of my relatives. She practices spiritual healing piqued my interest very much. My general state was very weak then, I had sleeping-problems and permanent neural tensions. I had a big credit and I stood at the edge of the breakdown financially. The quality and quantity of my sleep got much more better after a few treatments. My neural state got stable, still, balanced. My financial state got stable too, I paid back my big credit, I started to develop. I left behind my relationship worked bad for 11 years. I start a new life now. Seeing my positive change the other members of my family started to go to Tímea. Everyone feel that his life changed, turned to positiv. My doughter had permanent leg- and stomach-pains and head-ache too. The doctors could not find any concrete reason to that after many neurological/ophtalmic/orthopedic examinations. These problems fully disappeared after the treatments by Tímea.

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The set-back (psychical/physical health) began many years ago and had no marks and symptoms for long time. I felt that something is wrong around me before the health problems came but I did not know what. I did not feel well/successful and had no ambitions and humour. My private life was chaotic and I did not have any chance to have family ever. The financial success (career, money, comfort) was important for me but love, friendship, support, selflessness had not played an important part in my life.

I had a spine operation because of a slipped disc in 2009. Then I touched the bottom in physical (operation) and psychical (privacy) meaning – I had no perspective, did not know what next. I went to Hévíz to rehab treatment where I did not want to go first. I met Marika and Laci there by good fortune. Laci was my room-mate and he looked a nice and strange person first. He looked to be that as he spoke continously about healers living with us who can resolve the faults of body and spirit by adequate energy and had a wonderful gift they could use to help their fellows. He spoke about our spirit-body and its effect to the organs if it was injured – and about ghosts, demons, other dimensions. I believed sometimes and sometimes not the power of the other existences beyond and I had doubts their effect to our life.

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I know Tímea through my Pair. I go to her not for a long while so I can not report big improvement at healing. I did not feel ill too much so I looked for not the healing but I wanted to find solutions to other problems of my life. My life changed in the last year that meant a lot of task waited to resolve. Since I go to Tímea regularly I take barriers easily and unbelievable things happen. Such things I could imagine earlier come to my life. Thank you so much, Tímea!

A friend of mine offered me Tímea. During the first meeting I had doubts as I could not imagine how happens a treatment like this. I told my and my son's story at the first treatment and everything became easy.

My son is 12 years old and we both came to like Tímea and her doughter. She helped us very much as she gave not only faith and self-confidence but love too.

Since then we can hardly wait to go to Gyöngyös because we know that we will have a beautiful day and we will meet a person we trust and like truly :).

I contacted with the Healer because of my high blood-sugar level. The medical treatment by pills could not reduce that under 10 mm-mol. A friend of mine offered that possibility (Tímea). After the first six treatment (three months) my result was between 6 and 7 mm-mol.

My humour came back and I felt better - before the healing I was bored and tired of life. I got back to the work in the garden, that was my hobby before and it is now too. I walk, take tours a lot. My way of thinking changed to positive direction. I suggest to everyone fighting illnesses to go to the Healer Tímea Nóra Simon.

I met Tímea first time more than 2 years ago. That time I was in really bad state, mainly psychically. I had grouch always, I was nervous daily and I had illnesses too. Not serious illnesses but cold, influenza, pains sometimes enough to go to doctors almost in every month. That was hard psychically and financially too as the medicals are not cheap at all. Then the fate put me in touch with Tímea.

After a few treatment I felt the change. First Tímea made general clearing and I felt much more better. That manifested itself as I became joyful and the gray weekdays turned nice... During the treatments my hands had torpidity and I felt stitch show how big power Tímea had. These pains/discomfort disappeared right after the treatments/clearings. Tímea started to treat my concrete problems after the general clearing. I use computer daily so tendonitis came up twice a year. Usually that took two months. The tendonitis passed away absolutely after two treatments and never came back again!

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One of my best friends two years ago talked me into to go to a „clubbing” where I could meet unknown people and topic I'd like.

The „clubbing” fulfilled my ideas and the topic of the Simon Tímea Nóra Spiritual Workshop really touched me. But the meeting took from 3 to 5 p.m. - theoretically. I planed to stay until 16.30 because I had an important appointment at 17.00. I became nervous as 16.30 approached, I knew that I had to go but I could not leave the party because of the interesting topic.

As time went by my stomach was seized with a cramp but I could not move. When I realised that I was not able to leave in time I decided to stay. The cramp got away and I felt such great peace of mind rarely before in this rushing life.

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