If You have a vision of something, You are able to do it.

I came to know Tímea 3 years ago by one of my friends. Then I had no physical but psychical problems. I had doubts when I went to Tímea first but after that I decided to go usually as I need that positive Power if I had problem or not. That first treatment was startling – fancy physical and visual things happened, and after the treatment many positive thing happened to me and happens endlessly.

A few facts from the past years: I desired a 4 grade diploma and I got that – against that I performed not too well but I asked Tímea to send helpers to my exam. Before some important business meetings I asked her for helpers too and I closed those meetings successfully against all previous odds. I had to take pain-killer pills called Cataflam because of my toothache but that disappeared after single treatment and did not ever come back. I homed in on a flat to be my home and against some mix-up I got that and I still live there.

I think more and more positive from month to month by the help of the clearings. During a treatment I got back such amount of energy I can perform the hard challenges of my job easily. Without that power I had to give it up or fail long before.

Thank you for all these things Tímea, and for that I can study some new from you every times!