The true love does not speak, it praised by act not words

William Shakespeare

I live in Gyöngyös with my wife and our 4 children. I heard about Tímea Nóra Simon from my wife who was treated by Tímea that time. I fought problems as nerval tension (caused by stress), unrest, temper break-outs, reduced concentration, hesitation. I had no organic illness. I did not try to find effective solution to these problems.

We talk in the start of treatments about my experiences, Tímea cheks my energy-level out. I feel very well during the times and my third eye is really active. I often feel torpidity in the end of healing. Tímea made cleaning at a lot of my organs/organ-systems and made the quality of my human relations better. There are continous development but I can explain the effect of the treatments as I become responsible, purposeful adult man by them. I see my aims better and I make efforts more concentrate to reach them. I do not let different information-sources to divert my attention because I am quite niggling by my melancholy personality. In my wife's opinion my „opening” is the best mark of the blessed healing treatment of Tímea Nóra Simon.

I have a lot to develop of course and Tímea helps me maximaly, I can count on her. I know indirectly the work of the Tímea Nóra Simon Spiritual Workshop and I took part of one – I liked that. I can offer absolutely to everyone who fights problems like me (or any different) to go to her. I met positive feedbacks only about our Spiritual Healing Master's practice. I thank her for all and wish more success!