...energy is only borrowed, and one day you have to give it back...


I can thank a lot to Tímea Nóra Simon. I went by a pair of crutches to Budapest (National Healthcenter orthopedics) for two years - daily first then in every two days. I had few operations then. The MR examination showed that I had bone-caries and my knees were full of cysts. The doctor explained me what could stop the caries.

I broke down then and asked him for 3 weeks of cooling-off. I knew that I did not want to get to wheelchair. I knew M.L. and I called him crying. When I get home he had spoken with Tímea already and asked me that I wanted to try that healing method. I answered „yes” and I went to the treatment next day. I got treatments for three weeks and the development was observed soon. After the three weeks I went back to my doctor (to prepare me to another operation) and his first words were: „What did you do and where?!” I told him „what and where” and he said that he could not believe the change if I went to another doctor as there was no need to amputate my leg anymore. That was my happiest day of all.

I go to controls in every two weeks but there is no problem – thanks God. My mother got to the hospital after that concussion.

Emerged that her life was beyond recovery. She had high blood-sugar level and cancer. The doctors said that she had three days left. I called Tímea crying. She promised me that she does her best for my mother. I went to the hospital next day and I could not find her on her place. I got frightened. They took her to the incurable department. I said that I do not leave her there – I wanted to take her home, and I did that. That way the three days bacame three years. Tímea elongated her life as much by telemedicine through me.

I can not show my gratitude well enough – thank you Tímea!