What you share with others, the Universe pays you back.

My first meeting with Tímea Nóra Simon was strange. Now I know that I went to her not to the best of my belief but under pressure. My problem was not tragical – my right arm was only numb first then I could not hold anything and finally screamed at night because of the pain (felt someone wanted to break it away).

I went to the doctor who examined me and diagnosed that I had not any organic problem but the stress…, I should rest a lot… - thanks!

I went to natural, chiropractor but the thing had worsened. A close friend of my suggested to fix a time to Tímea. I went to her and I waited for the miracle. Tímea was snapping her fingers and said that the things had slipped from my hands. I knew that too… - thanks again!

I paid the bill almost frustrated and I left. The things began to resolve around me slowly so I went to her again.

One day a hard and „long lasting” case of my life totally resolved accidentally. I slept for 10 hours and the pains disappeared from my hand. I do not really understand how the things go but the only change was that I started not to want to understand but enjoy the wonders arund me.

I picked up basic laws, for example ask and you will get; first you have to give then you should expect anything; how important the gratitude is; the opinion is not a fact; and the circulation of the money – I learned that recently – was cathartic.

I red about that wonderful facts already but understanding is different from cramming. Since that I pay for the treatments gladly. I am very thankful – I have no reservations about Tímea anymore and I offer her with conviction to anyone who deserves.