The true love does not speak, it praised by act not words

William Shakespeare

I write about what happened to my sister, Mrs. K. L.. She got sick home and the ambulance revivified her then carried to the emergency room to the breathing machine. The doctors wanted to do a larynx intersection after 4-5 days. I visited her that day and her doughters both signed the informed consent already. A friend of mine (I found fast) offered Tímea.

My friend suggested me to send a SMS to Tímea as asking for fast help that way too. I did that and a day later by phone they said that my sister got better and she did not need the help of the breathing machine.

A few days later she got into the department of internal medicine, she got more and more better, then she left the hospital.

She is fine, thanks for the Heavenlies. She became 60 years old on 20-August and she celebrated that at home.