...energy is only borrowed, and one day you have to give it back...


I met Tímea Nóra Simon in a club (Tímea Nóra Simon Spiritual Workshop) there she explained her field of healing and that really impressed me. There were problems in my life then I could not solve alone. I had not spoken with my doughter for long years and I had quite cold relation with my mother. Walking was hard for me, my ankle- and knee-joints had inflammations.

So I fixed a time to Tímea. After few months my doughter suddenly visited me and we discussed our grievances. We spent the Christmas together in December. My relation with my mother got better, some nearer. My joint-problems disappeared, I can walk without any pain. My friends noticed the positive change at me and I suggested to them to heal by Tímea Nóra Simon.

I would like to thank hereby the wonderful changes in my life.