The Human is not Body or not Soul,
It is the living presence of Spirit and God!

The set-back (psychical/physical health) began many years ago and had no marks and symptoms for long time. I felt that something is wrong around me before the health problems came but I did not know what. I did not feel well/successful and had no ambitions and humour. My private life was chaotic and I did not have any chance to have family ever. The financial success (career, money, comfort) was important for me but love, friendship, support, selflessness had not played an important part in my life.

I had a spine operation because of a slipped disc in 2009. Then I touched the bottom in physical (operation) and psychical (privacy) meaning – I had no perspective, did not know what next. I went to Hévíz to rehab treatment where I did not want to go first. I met Marika and Laci there by good fortune. Laci was my room-mate and he looked a nice and strange person first. He looked to be that as he spoke continously about healers living with us who can resolve the faults of body and spirit by adequate energy and had a wonderful gift they could use to help their fellows. He spoke about our spirit-body and its effect to the organs if it was injured – and about ghosts, demons, other dimensions. I believed sometimes and sometimes not the power of the other existences beyond and I had doubts their effect to our life. As we really got to like each other there and we keep contact I asked Laci to fix a date for me to Tímea who Laci goes to and heals professionally. I was curious to see that hocus-pocus (I thought of the treatments that way).

My first treatment was on 12-April-2010. I felt energy flow penetrated my full body then. I saw pictures and later I knew that they were scenes from my former lives. I felt nice tiredness and relief after the treatment. I went to the first five time and I asked for the next dates, because the way I feel and my activity got better and my tiredness and indifference went away. Good things start happen to me as my relation to other people changed positively. I began to listen to things, to the processes and laws of the world (unknown or rejected by many people) heard from Laci and Tímea then and I realised that they work that way they said!

Taking it all round I can report the followings that changed my life by the help of the treatments and healings: I am not afraid of the future, I do not feel alone as I have found a stable partnership right after the start of treatments.

That is a marriage now crowned by the birth of our little son born on 6-Sept-2011. Now I am a happy householder and loving husband not chasing career and money but we get all we really need. I regularly go to the treatments because that freshens me always and I see things clearly again. My spinal problem does not appeared since.

Thanks for the above powers for the care and sending their forerunners as Tímea! Thank you for your help Tímea Nóra Simon!