„First they ignore you, then they laugh at you,
then they fight you, then you win.”

(Mahatma Gandhi)

I met Tímea first time more than 2 years ago. That time I was in really bad state, mainly psychically. I had grouch always, I was nervous daily and I had illnesses too. Not serious illnesses but cold, influenza, pains sometimes enough to go to doctors almost in every month. That was hard psychically and financially too as the medicals are not cheap at all. Then the fate put me in touch with Tímea.

After a few treatment I felt the change. First Tímea made general clearing and I felt much more better. That manifested itself as I became joyful and the gray weekdays turned nice... During the treatments my hands had torpidity and I felt stitch show how big power Tímea had. These pains/discomfort disappeared right after the treatments/clearings. Tímea started to treat my concrete problems after the general clearing. I use computer daily so tendonitis came up twice a year. Usually that took two months. The tendonitis passed away absolutely after two treatments and never came back again!

That was near two years ago. I had gynecological problems too and they found HPV virus. That virus do not pass away the body in a few months but in 6-8 months possible to have better result. Meanwhile I went to Tímea to treatments regularly (in every 2-3 weeks) but she did not treat this problem yet. I fixed with my gynacologist to get vaccination against HPV so I needed a blood-test to see which type of virus was presented. The result showed that the virus disappeared and none knew how could that happened.

I know the answer of course – Tímea did that unless she treated this problem advisedly! I have to say even a lot of little „miracles” happen to me since I go to Tímea.

Everyone has to take steps for his spiritual development of course – that is not enough to wait for Tímea to resolve all our problems. I experienced that too. I am at the beginning of a long way but I know that it is the right way. I want to thank Tímea for all her helps hereby and I hope she will help me on my way hereafter!