The one who believes in me will live, even though they die.

János Evangéliuma 11,25

One of my best friends two years ago talked me into to go to a „clubbing” where I could meet unknown people and topic I'd like.

The „clubbing” fulfilled my ideas and the topic of the Simon Tímea Nóra Spiritual Workshop really touched me. But the meeting took from 3 to 5 p.m. - theoretically. I planed to stay until 16.30 because I had an important appointment at 17.00. I became nervous as 16.30 approached, I knew that I had to go but I could not leave the party because of the interesting topic.

As time went by my stomach was seized with a cramp but I could not move. When I realised that I was not able to leave in time I decided to stay. The cramp got away and I felt such great peace of mind rarely before in this rushing life. So my connection to Tímea Nóra Simon Spiritual Workshop (and to Tímea too) began that way. I went to her personally on 29-Dec-2009 first and we (me and my husband) go regularly to treatments. I did not have any „serious” physical/psychical problem but I felt that I need to ask her help. My life/approach/attitude to the things totally changed since I go to her to tret me. I studied and developed a lot. I became more balanced, wise and collect. I can control my life/our enterprises/environment better. I learned to love and not to hurt people/world around me. I explored my values, I became more self-confidented, expressed.

When I forget to fix dates and there is a 2-3 weeks dropout I miss her help and healing very much. Then I ask for her help by SMS.

My biggest problem was that our enterprises were to fall apart and I felt totally got stuck. Thanks Goodness and Tímea for the help – the problem looks to be settled, the development started.

When I have to make any important decision I ask her to send me Helpers.

I could quite rarely go to the Spiritual Workshops in the last two years unfortunately but I felt good there then. Some barrier came and fought me often. Now I know that I have to be there then because at common meditations Tímea makes clearings and she needs my energy too to the successful work. So I promise that I will try hard to be there. I know that my development needs a lot of hard work and endurance – I know I can realise that by the help of Tímea and the celestial powers.