Let’s the prayer be the first, not the last!

My story begins really shortly because I do not have any problem or trouble. Everything is relative of course and his own problem is the biggest to everyone and there is great difference between illness and illness, bad and bad, but I can write that „thanks, I am fine!”. I Exist.

That is so Good that there is Peace for example, I step out the door and none shoots me. Every day is a Holyday. We can Aspire and Trust. That is All Right. Tímea detonated into my life leaving a LoveCrater behind. My whole „going to her” is a Daylight (got by my Dear Wife's Wonder) in the darkest night. My Wife that Fighting Amazon fights her war and won a lot of battles already. She is a neat girl – my girl! I can not be thankful enough to the White Wizard as She is Here with Us a few street far from here in this little town at the feet of Mátra mountain and Helps, Heals us and takes back to the rail the nearly gone off train of our Lives. I know that we had to meet one way or another.

That would better have been happened some earlier of course so my Brother would be still alive and my Wife had not to have so much suffering. But the grief knelt on the floor of that damned hospital is a thing of the past and nothing else happens to us that we Develop. Out of the pit, toward the Light. Slowly, one heal-stair after the other. Just Up. Forever. So you will notice shortly that I should „get down to business” - I wrote already. The main thing is the Faith. The Hope. There is way forward. Does not matter that is an other way But There Is One. A Way to go on. OK, Not by bus but as before. On foot then.

Tímea lives between totally different plains and speaks on different channels as an all-receiver radio we do not understand too much but her broadcast is about Life. Then we feel that we Heal, we become some better people, the forgiveness and the Spirit rises in us, the Heart works better. Trouble dwindles away. Light rushes.

Tímea Nóra Simon – The Right Hand of Goodness. Thank you for have you here for us!