Yes, I am the vine and you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

(John 15:5)

My story began in January of 2009 – I lived with my wife and our two children in financial safety. I had all I wanted but I felt something strange. A process began then: my father became incurably ill day to another and we fought 4 months for his life.

Meanwhile came to light that my business-partner made 15 millions debt in the firm I am responsible for with my own goods. Then my wife notified that she wanted to divorce because we did not live well enough and she have a lover also. All these came in 6 weeks. Then I realised that I did not do my things well but I have to solve these problems and I should not make any compromise brings me to situations like these. I did not know Tímea then but I had helpers helped me in the clearing. In the given cases they opened my eyes and my mind to come back and to have strength and clear thinking to solve the problems. That time I was in the very start of my spiritual way and often had lack of own power and self-confidence. Besides I studied a lot, arranged my things, divorced, made existence to my ex-wife, undertook the raising of my children, saved my firm from the breakdown, fired my business partner. Underway I realized that I developed and cleared a lot.

First I met Tímea when my son went to hospital in October of 2010, the symptom was high blood-sugar level. Before that he was a very healthy, lively child. I took that warning very seriously as I thought that I did not understand something and I got a new task appeared as my son's illness and healing. Right after one week medical treatment we went to my natural healer fellows and we found the physical causes fast: heavy metal overload (originating from some vaccine – possibly) in the pancreas, viruses and bacteriums in his organs.

We began to a hard detoxication by herbs, to strenghten by vitamins and minerals, to diet by special foods. The results got better week to another and after a 6 weeks cure my little son did not need insulin any more. That hard process on physical level made during 6 months (until May of 2011) and he got stable (near recovered) statement with some unstable moments (delayed insulin reaction started under moving and oxygen-intaking for example). I worked with a team but I red a lot of information and books even so something has missed to his full recovery.

Then I met Tímea on 11-May-2011, she messaged by a friend of mine that she could help if I go to her. I thought that having such help could not be random and I accepted her invitation and the common work began. I believed that the clearing and healing can be successful only by treating of all parts (body-spirit-soul) before I met her too. Such a process began after 11th May brought big changes without so much as my son went to Tímea for any treatment until today. The biggest change is that my relation to things and people has changed. I do not need that anyone tell me what to do or what is good to me. I ask and listen to the opinion of others but I became more confident. I know what I want or not in our life, what to change or what to accept. I learned to listen to my intuitions. I have better relationship with my ex-wife than before – she has got a baby we welcomed with my sons. That few people who are my friends and helpers in my everyday life give stable background. We feel as safe as never before. In the business life I still have those clients who know that we need each other. I earn hard that much money we need to finance our life that way always. I became more dare to face old situations – most important of them that after I met Tímea my son lives 9000 kilometers far found me after 20 years. I took him and his mother „lost”. We visited them this summer.

My little son is free from limits as we measure his blood sugar level weekly only, he hardly lost his illness-consciousness, we took big and far away trips on the summer, he goes to an other school from September, he started to play for that football club his brother plays for too and they won a trophy last weekend... He is very proud of that, feels good and happy.

That is totally obvious to me that the changes came by the treatments of Tímea and the emanation of positiv processes in me. That is clear too that I have to go this way as this is a continous work for me and my environment. I do not think that the time will come when everything will be perfect and I can say „everything has worked out”. I have a lot to study so I continue the work begun. I would like to have my son go to Tímea when that time arrives. I decided to go this spiritual way to gain others over and to help them by my own example (my acts) to understand that the positive changes can only come after facing themselves and hard work.

The knowledge and ability of Tímea Nóra Simon were indispensable for me to know and to understand that higher spiritual quality, and to live her treatments as the highest-level healing. Her healing is so special because – in contrast to other healers – she never dictates what to do or not but rised/activated my way thinking right to help the further clearing and healing.

Thanks to Tímea hereby for the possibility I can go to her treatments and trainings and I wish that more people know her work!