The true love does not speak, it praised by act not words

William Shakespeare

I can not really describe the state I was in two years ago. That is unthinkable for me that one was me too. I hated to go to community, I existed by medicines, I had no affinity to anything and I had medical treatment on reflux (kind of stomach illness related to hyperacidity – quite ordinary illness which easy to treat by medicines).

That was not so simple for me. These problems - which an average 14 old child won't hear of - rised in 2008. My parents took me to doctors one after the other and tried to do everything for my healing. I had gastro-duodenoscopia and took pills for years. I hardly ate and do anything at all. The doctors did not see what was wrong with me but that was clear that I had no organic problems. They suspected nothing else but psychical reasons. In my childhood I went to psychologists and we tried to use medicals, vitamins, changing my way of life – these did not work.

Then I got to a psychiatrist in 2010 who diagnosted strong anxiety, hypochondria (fear of illnesses) and panic at me. I got medicals again. Then I took about 10 pieces of pills with the additionals. For my stomach-illness I took Losec, Pantoprazol, Cerucal, Motilium, Don-peridon. My psychiatrical problems they tried to heal by Remotiv extra, Sedatif PC, Frontin at first (at last by these all together!) but by using them my state and pep did not get better. My panic illness got much more strong. I had to go to an other school because I could not make up arrears of studies. I lived in a student hostel there so I had to travel relatively long way what was quite hard for me. They carried me by car always and then the 5-10 minutes bus travels were serious problems for me. On the February of 2010 I changed school where I felt worse.

I could not adapt myself to my schoolmates, none made up to me and I was not dare to do that also. I was out of tune, I had to be alone, I could not study and I often cried home and in the breaks as I could not stick it. I had a lot of missed lessons then. So we decided to repeat the 10th school year with a new class. In the last month of the school year I almost was out of school, my parents carried me home many times as I was not able to travel by bus, I was in panic. I wanted to keep everyone out from me, I did not speak to anyone. I was afraid to confess to myself even what made me fear. Besides the state of my stomach got from bad to worse. That time my father got a telephone-number of Tímea from one of his relatives. We checked in to her months before as to a white hope...

I must confess that first I was quite distrustful – how will she heal me if many doctors could not? Otherwise I waited the first treatment quizzically because I could see some hope to heal. That time I got a new pill called Rexetin I still take but short dose.

So summertime we went to „The Healer”. After the first few treatments I observed some changes on myself. At first I was dare to get into her treating room with my parents only and they had to wait me then outside during the treatment. Later I could stay there alone that meant a great leap forward to me. That was unbelievable that I could do that and I started on my journey! Few treatments later we all observed that I became more open and cheerful and I dare things what I did not before. A lot of things I had to fight down alone in attendance of strong fear and crying. I recognised that how low I was and I felt that I had to change immediately!

Continously I went to the treatments and got much more better.

In some periods supernatural things had happened to me which strengthened that I had to go to the treatments to heal! At the beginning of my illness I wrote a list of 15 points (in the order of hardness) about what I want/have to do. Such things were there than „going to the shop alone”, „traveling 15 minutes by bus with an attendant”, „sustaining a whole day without sedative pill”. These things may be everyday occurrences to a healthy man but were great challenges to me.

Slowly I performed all the points one at a time. On the April of 2011 I carried out the biggest one: I went to the field trip with my class :).

Now I take only one kind of pill the Rexetin. To my stomach I do not take anything but I have to diet carefully. I go to school free from problems, I have a lot of friends, my schoolworks are better, and my pep is turned to the opposite of that it was. Everything has changed! Now I can live like the others in my age – that feels great! I would like to thank hereby everyone who supported me to get through that time. My family, my friends and „The Healer” Tímea of course! :)