What you share with others, the Universe pays you back.

I am very beholden to the Heavenlies as I am lucky to partake in healing by Tímea Nóra Simon. My life was fallen apart when I met her. I carried the weight of divorcing, division of property, harassment, moving, stringency. I worked hard but the psychical trauma started to consume my body. I had cough and I could not sleep, my back hurted very much, my state seemed hopeless to me, I was not strong enough to start again.

The angelic help came then... Tímea gave a hand. Right after the first treatment I felt stronger, more self-confidence – I did not know how the method worked but I felt that it was good to me.

I counted the days I can go again and the changes started. I experienced positive changes after every treatment both on physical and spiritual level. Tímea teached me to trust myself and other people. We can reach anything by love and goodwill. She made me understood what are the real values and which things are bad but necessery (money for example, that comes and goes in continous circulation – now I do not mind if I had not too much of it sometimes, other things are more important).

As months went by I slowly disposed my feelings hurted, displeased, harmed me. I can see the world from a different point of view! I have got home, car, job I wanted for me again. I can stand on my feet and I have enough energy to help others by good words and my experiences. I try hard to assign to others that knowledge I got from Tímea.

We have a lot to do of course (I would like to give up eating sugar and drinking energy drinks or coffee even!). I have to take much more care of my health. I have to learn to be more patient to wait the right moment when things turn into a right way and happen when they have to...

I thank Tímea for all her trouble and besides of she succeed to build a new world around me I need her help daily – I offer her to you all! With love: Kata